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Karya workers in rural India have completed over 1.5 million digital tasks in the last 3 years.

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Karya Inc. creates work opportunities for people wherever they are. No one should have to leave their family to make a living. As the world moves toward a digital future, there is an ever-growing amount of digital work. Our goal is to make this abundance of digital work available and accessible to everyone, including people in remote rural communities.

Our team of incredible workers are able to give you and your team the best accuracy and cost for digital work. Here is a small sample of few things our workers can do for you immediately:

Speech Datasets

Karya workers can help you build speech datasets in any local language. Our case study from rural Odisha describes our speech dataset collection work in detail.

Document Digitisation

Karya workers can digitise documents in local Indian languages, and English. Our case study from Rajasthan and West Bengal describes our work in digitising Hindi and English documents, respectively.

Image Datasets

Karya workers can help you collect images to build a diverse image corpus. Our case study about our work in West Bengal describes our image dataset collection in detail.

Image Annotation

Karya workers can help you annotate images, create bounding boxes around relevant items within an image, and help you classify images. Our case study about our work in Bihar describes this work in detail.

Our state of the artapplication andplatform makes everything easy for you

Simply upload the task on our platform, identify your key metrics, and our platform will distribute your tasks to our workers across India.

How do we start?

How it works


Reach out to us with an ask

Simply drop us a note using the Contact page/ email us at One of our team members will get back to you with ways we can fulfill your query.


We get the work done, promising high accuracy

We start by selecting a list of villages that meet your criteria. With the help of our on-ground team, we deploy your work. We ensure the highest standards of acccuracy, and take care of everything.


You get your work, and workers in rural India move out of poverty

We provide you your results, in time, and with our standard high accuracy rates. Our participants in rural India get paid, and they are able to enjoy a dignified livelihood. A genuine win-win!

dive into our research papers

We have designed a crowdsourcing platform that is inclusive and accessible to users in rural communities. Our platform provides work and instructions in the regional language of the users. Our two-tier server architecture allows anyone with a smartphone including those with no data connectivity to participate on our platform, receive work, and get paid. Read our publications below:

Exploring Crowdsourced Work in Low-Resource Settings: (CHI) 2019
Crowdsourcing Speech Data for Low-Resource Languages from Low-Income Workers: (LREC) 2020
109 hours of Marathi Speech Data (Open-Sourced and Collected by Karya workers)

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